The mentorship program and studio residency in Berlin welcomes artists and researchers focusing on the relationship between images and texts, books, and archives.

The Berlin session 2024 is open for artists, designers, writers, curators, and researchers who need time and a dedicated space to focus on editing new work or concluding an ongoing project related to visual research, photography, as well as image-text-based work.

Laimun is an inclusive project open to candidates of any language, gender, age (18+), or nationality.

For this session, we welcome applications from the following fields:

Visual Arts

Focus on image-making, photography, and image-based research.

Interdisciplinary Arts

Artists who blend different disciplines in their practice; sound and sonic arts, video art, new media, and conceptual art.

Narrative Arts

Writers, publishers, filmmakers, and any story-driven practices.

Research and Curatorial Practice

Academic or non-academic research practices are admitted.


S1 – August 16-26
S2 – September 20-30
S3 – November 8-18
S4 – December 12-22 (with online option)

In the application form, it is possible to choose one specific session.


Participants will benefit from four in-person mentorship sessions alongside a 10-day studio residency in Berlin. Each artist will have a private 22-square-meter studio space to develop and refine their project. We will also assist residents in sourcing research materials, forging connections with local organizations and artists, and dedicating time to project analysis and further development.

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S1 – August 16-26
S2 – September 20-30
S3 – November 8-18
S4 – December 12-22 (online option)


Over the course of 10 days, the resident will receive guidance on their project through four support sessions. These sessions are designed to discuss, delve into, and further develop an already initiated project, whether it is in its nascent stages or nearing completion.

These sessions will provide opportunities to compare and enhance one’s working methods, generate new ideas through exercises, and explore new directions for one’s research, leveraging methodologies and structures from various disciplines.

Between mentoring sessions, the resident will have time to produce work, apply the insights gained, and engage with the city’s cultural environment. This might include visiting and utilizing creative workshops or exploring the local art scene, using these resources to advance their work.

This mentorship + studio residency is ideal for artists, researchers, and writers who do not live in Berlin and wish to dedicate a focused and intensive period to their work. It is also perfect for Berlin residents who need a change of perspective, a private space for research, and the opportunity to connect with and discuss their work with a private tutor.


Each session will be tailored to your needs. After the first one-on-one session, your mentor will discuss with you a plan for your work during the residency. During the studio residency, depending on your project and need, it will be possible to connect and visit local workshops, labs, libraries, and archives.

Day 1

Introduction and first one-on-one session

Day 2-3

Independent studio work

Day 4

2nd one-on-one session

Day 5-6

Independent studio work

Day 7

3rd one-on-one session

Day 8-9

Independent studio work

Day 10

4th and final one-on-one session


Books and publications, exhibitions preparation, research projects, curatorial projects, photographic series, photo-textual works and photo-literature, experimental filmmaking, interdisciplinary installation work, usage, and investigation in digital and analog archives, publishing as an art form, interdisciplinary independent publishing, unconventional forms of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, philosophical and cultural research in the arts.


LOCATION (coming soon)




*travel and accommodation costs not included


The payment of €480 is due upon confirmation and has to be paid 10 days before the beginning of the program.


What is included in the residency fee?

The total fee will cover the cost of the whole personalized mentorship program and a 24h access to a working and research space (22m2) during the ten days in Berlin.

What extra costs should I consider?

Travel costs and living accommodation (if not already resident in Berlin). Daily and personal expenses. Materials/production costs, for example, film negatives, art supplies, and any kind of material for the creation of your work.

What is your payment and cancellation policy?

If you have been selected for the program, you will receive a confirmation email and the program agreement to sign and send back to us. The payment is due upon confirmation and has to be paid 10 days before the beginning of the mentorship program. The payment is not refundable. It is possible to pay by bank transfer, PayPal, or most common Debit/Credit Cards.

It is not possible to request to reschedule the mentorship program. If you won’t be able to travel or participate in-person to the mentorship program for serious health, family, or work reasons, the program could be attended fully remotely with 4 online sessions during the same program circle.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any traveling expense refunds in case of cancellation due to force majeure or withdrawal. We recommend having travel insurance for more coverage on this matter.

I am a student. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply as a student. The program is intended as an additional resource to improve your artistic/research practice, no matter the stage of your education or career.

Can duos or collectives apply to this program?

Yes, if they’re working on a shared project and if they’re all participating in the mentorship sessions together. 

How long can I stay in the studio?

The mentorship and studio residency will last 10 days in total. During these 10 days, the resident has 24h access to the studio. The studio is intended only as a working space, it is not possible to sleep in it.

Is the studio accessible with a wheelchair?

The studio space is located on the ground floor. The studio door has one step that can be optimized with a ramp if necessary. The restroom might not be completely accessible, as it is not big enough to fit all kinds of wheelchairs. Please be sure to mark your needs in the application form, so we can try to find together a solution and see if the studio is fully accessible for your specific case.

Can I make noise in the studio?

No, as the studio is located in a residential building. It is not allowed to make loud noises, play musical instruments without headphones, or operate machines (woodworking or any other technical machine) with significant noise level.

I am a painter, can I use the studio as my atelier?

The studio is suitable for painting of small sizes (watercolors, acrylic, or oil paintings without the necessity to use chemicals and solvents). It is important to keep the studio clean, so for painting we will request to use protection for the floor and table. It is not suitable for paintings of big sizes and it is absolutely prohibited to use strong chemicals inside. Please also note that during the fall and winter time, the natural light is limited, as the studio is located in a backyard on the ground floor.

Are pets allowed in the studio?

If well-trained, it is possible to bring small/medium dogs with you in the studio upon request.

What kind of documents shall I submit?

Please refer to our application form to check all the application requirements. 

Issues with the application form?

Please write us an email at laimunresidency(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject “Application: MENTORSHIP + STUDIO RESIDENCY BERLIN 2024”