We’re happy to present our first publication realized in collaboration with the publisher Ahorn Books.

Anya Jasbar, Chris Rocchegiani

Artist’s multiple with an envelope with typewritten text and hand-embroidered intervention by the two artists.
Two letters with English and Italian text.
Two postcards
Risograph print
22 x 11 cm
Edition of 100, numbered

Concept and design by CH RO MO and Ahorn Studio.

The artist’s edition is made of a typewritten and embroidered envelope, where the physical gesture of the repetition, enhances the bond between the two artists. The artists’ repeated gestures to create this multiple, physically document and perform some of the concepts of the project “La Ripetizione,” giving the audience a sample of the artists’ shared experience and conversation.

The multiple is the result of the exchange between Anya Jasbar and Chris Rocchegiani, expressing the necessity to transform an initial online experience and conversation into something physical, possible to store and archive, to preserve in time. Conceived as an artist’s envelope (busta d’artista), it contains two letters and two postcards with a sample of the artists’ conversation on the topics of repetition, exercise, memory, sleep, and labor. The multiple, is also a reflection on the archive, as a place where to find content in order to create new work and a shelter, a safe space for the (mental and physical) organization of the artist’s production.