#01 — Spring/Summer 2021


Darina Sikmashvili was born in Lubny, Ukraine and raised in Brooklyn, New York where she worked in the film industry, from lighting to writing, for over ten years. As of Fall 2020, Darina is attending the University of Michigan’s Helen Zell Writers’ Program for fiction. She is writing a novel about insomnia.

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Instagram: dvs_primary
Discipline: Writing


David Steinberg is a photographer and artist based between Brooklyn and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Utilizing photography, installations, and books, his practice engages with personal histories, scientific and ecological thought. He has taught photography at Syracuse University as an adjunct instructor and produced work for the New York Times and various editorial outlets. He earned a BA in political science from the University of Minnesota in 2013, a certificate from the International Center of Photography in 2015, and an MFA from Syracuse University in 2020.

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Instagram: david-steinberg
Discipline: Photography


Karen Sztajnberg is a filmmaker, writer and Doctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam. She is currently looking at the intersection between Theory of Desire, Spectatorship and Contemporary South American cinema.
Her last production The Beholder of the Eye, premiered at DocFeed in Eindhoven, NL and she contributes regularly to Abecedarium: NYC and Ignorância Times.

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Discipline: Film, Writing, Research